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This is the website of the swiss family Luijten & Bühler.

Evelyn Bühler
Ronald Luijten
Alex Luijten
Robin Luijten
Martin Luijten

and Lena our dog...  and Timi our Cat...

View from Duo Discus on 16 June 2014
View towards west from Kerenzerberg in ASK-21 5may12

view of Walensee towards east on 17aug2011

views since 3nov2006

Change history:

3nov06: initial publication

7Nov06: added password protected page
3Dec06: added Alex video clips on about us page
10Dec06: changed home page picture to early morning view
13Jan07: updated photo album with glass mounting
24Feb07: updated photo album House Thalwil
30mar07: we moved, update on password protected page!
15apr07: updated 1st picture in photo album
26may07: updated home page picture
16Aug07: pictures from vacation
19aug07: added short Lena running video (about us page)
3sep07: pictures sept 1+2 added
21oct07: updated photo album
19jan08: updated photo album + home page
3may08: updated home page + photo album
17dec08: updated home page picture
16mar09: updated home page picture and Evelyn on about-us
1 june09: added animated cloud sequences
7 Sept09: Updated almost all pictures (incl. vacation 2009)
5 Feb 2010: added link to Archaeopteryx video
30 june 2010: new home page picture with 'from hispital'
10 July 2010: from Mollis, after flight with Antonov, seen in background...
28 Nov 2010: add miroserver link
5 Dec 2010: new picture on home page
12 Dec 2010: added Archaeopteryx page
5 Jan 2011: updated home page with Cruise pix  - updated helicopter page
20feb 2011: updated Archaeopteryx page; added link to Quadrocopter section
24mar 2011: updated home page, archaeopteryx and quadrocopter pictures
6 apr 2011: updated family pictures; added archy picture
8May 2011: added first Archy flight pictures and video
10June 2011: updated home page and Archaeopteryx page
31july 2011: added vacation pictures of 2011 camping trip
30sep2011: updated home page pix
23oct2011: added Alex' gliding page
6Mar2011: added Lena tour video (about us page)
1april2011: added youth picture of Ronald (archaeopteryx page); minor changes
17may2012: new home page picture; weather page adition.
28May2012: added new video from B4 (3 hrs @10x playback)
17june2012: added video of examination flight; added webcam pix to weather page
21july2012: added two pages (page consolidation...); added current Mollis measurement to weather page;
01Aug2012: updated pictures on home and Alex' and Ronald's gliding pages
09Aug2012: added two videos (Archy and Ronald Gliding); added pic (Alex' gliding)
01sep2012: updated home page picture; added new videos on Ronald's gliding page
21sep212: added Rossboden landing video, Archy page
07oct2012: updated home page picture, updated Archy page
11oct2012: updated gliding weather summary page (v2.1)
06dec2013: updated family picture / replaced photo albums with alps flight pictures
14july2015: decided to sunset this website and move to